Provide an exemplary dance academy for competitive and noncompetitive

Irish step dancing.


To provide two forms of Irish dance. Our service of quality for competitive and noncompetitive Irish step dancing will remain focused and true to our home market of Spokane, Washington with potential to expand to other areas.  We will provide athletic physical training emphasizing injury prevention and personal development. We will accomplish this vision by promoting our core values and fulfilling our mission.

core values

English: Actions speak louder than words - we will do what we say.

Irish: Beimid cad a deirimid.

       "BAY-mid ogg JEN-uhv cod uh DARE-mid."


English: People need to stay active, engaged, and stimulated- our activities

 will encompass the whole person.

Irish: Beidh ár gcuid gníomhaíochtaí a chuimsiú an duine ar fad.

       "Bay are GOO-id know-vee-OCK-tee uh KIM-shoo on DIN-uh air fawd."


English: [Our] home is our Earth - we will strive to take care of our community.

Irish: Beimid ag iarraidh aire a thabhairt dár bpobal.

       "BAY-mid ag EAR-ig EYE-ruh uh HOOrt dar bubble."


English: Work hard, play hard - we will play at work and create enjoyment.        

Irish: Beimid ag imirt ag an obair agus taitneamh a chruthú.

       "BAY-mid ogg immert ogg on UH-bear ogg-us TOT-nihv uh CROO-hoo."