About our academy



a unique form of dance. In addition to being drenched in beautiful history it is also an amazing form of exercise. Irish dance utilizes both fast and slow twitch muscles and develops a strong but lean look. A traditional step routine lasts from three to six minutes of high intensity ballistic movements. Often people say that although it is intense and gets the heart pumping, the fun and joy one receives from the activity keeps them coming back. Irish dance is a captivating form of exercise, once you start it is hard to quit. The benefits of Irish dance are numerous, it offers physical activity, a sense of community, engaging the artistic mind, and a constant learning environment.

MSD Irish Dance Academy was founded by Natasha Hart and Rebecca Lonam in 2016. The Spokane studio opened its doors around St. Patrick‚Äôs Day of 2017. Natasha is a certified Irish dance instructor, TCRG, and Rebecca has completed her MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Rebecca is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach. This is a huge benefit to the academy as it is focused on injury prevention. Both women also have extensive experience competing and performing Irish dance. Combined, their experience and certifications equip them to provide a fun, safe, and effective curriculum for this Irish Dance Academy. Our curriculum facilitates knowledge of adequate food for our degree of physical activity. We advocate for a healthy relationship with food and body image in a sport that is aesthetically and physically demanding.