About our director

REBECCA LONAM, RD Director/Strength and Endurance Educator and Choreographer/Founder

REBECCA LONAM, RD Director/Strength and Endurance Educator and Choreographer/Founder


It all started when...

Rebecca started Irish dancing under Spokane’s Academy of Dance. Her passion for Irish dance had grown so much and the community’s interest grew so large that in 2001 they brought in Caitlin Abide (Trusler) owner and teacher of the Spokane Haran Irish Dancers.

Starting out at the age of twelve, in 2000, Rebecca quickly progressed to assist with teaching as well as competing. She advanced through competitions quickly and was a champion level dancer by the age of sixteen. Rebecca was able to tour with Spokane’s Irish band An Dochas in 2004.

After a five year hiatus, serving in the US Air Force, Rebecca returned to Spokane and continued to compete and tour. In 2013 she had the privilege of touring with the native Irish singer-songwriter Michael Londra in his show Celtic Fire. She went on to compete in Oireachtas in 2013, completing her competition goals.

In January 2017 she and her sister fulfilled their lifelong dream of starting their own certified Irish dance school, MSD Irish Dance Academy. Like her, MSD Irish dance Academy  has passion built into its core. It is a school where Irish step dancing is not just danced, but a community where she can share her passion.

As the nutrition and exercise educator she is responsible for implementing and maintaining regular nutrition focused education opportunities. Her personal goal is to include physical and nutrition tips and integrative curriculum throughout each month. Her curriculum facilitates knowledge of adequate food for the degree of physical activity Irish dance requires. She advocates for a healthy relationship with food and body image in a sport that is aesthetically and physically demanding.