on MISH-nock SHIN-ock DOWSE-uh

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Natasha Hart, TCRG/Founder
Rebecca Lonam, RD/Dance Director/Founder


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MSD Irish Dance academy would like to share space with you. We hold the lease for 2325 N. Monroe Ave. and currently have available hours for instruction while we are not teaching. We do not rent by the hour and would request a quarterly commitment. Schedules may change quarter to quarter. Advance notice will be given before the beginning of the next quarter’s changes. Before you are able to share space with us we must get approval from our land lord. Please be ready to provide your liability insurance and contact information.



Available times and rates:

Mon. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Tues. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Wed. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Wed. 2:00pm – 9:30pm $125.00 per. mo.

Thur. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Fri. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Fri. 2:00pm – 9:30pm $125.00 per. mo.

Sat. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Sun. 6:00am – 1:30pm $100.00 per. mo.

Sun. 2:00pm – 9:30pm $125.00 per. mo.


Shared space expectations:

1.) pack it in, pack it out, to include trash (or store in a tote out of others way in back room)

2.) return to studio to the way it was before you were there for the day

3.) wipe down restroom, equipment, and coffee bar before leaving with bleach wipes.